If you make one health decision this year, change your sleep

Being deliberate about your sleep can increase your mental clarity, your muscle development, and your exercise recovery.

Emily Capodilupo joined the WHOOP podcast this week to discuss the science of sleep. She is currently WHOOP’s Director of Analytics, and a neurobiology graduate from Harvard.

Capodilupo’s researched sleep at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Because of these efforts, her study on sleep was published in a medical journal in 2013.

WHOOP is a performance tracking company which uses an always-on heart rate monitor to evaluate performance, exertion, and recovery of athletes. Using those statistics, their app provides feedback on how well individuals are recovering and what they can change in order to increase performance.

The bottom line: over 90-percent of natural human growth hormone production occurs during slow wave sleep. This is the type of sleep commonly referred to as “deep sleep”. Because of this, your drive to achieve a healthier body starts with optimizing your deep sleep.

Listen to the podcast for details on:

  • Common habits from WHOOP’s 100 best sleepers
  • Most effective bedtime routines
  • The effects of your sleep quality on your respiration rate
  • The benefits of a consistent sleep schedule
  • and many more tip!

Listen to the Whoop Podcast


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