Under Armour’s Adjustment Begins With the UA TriBase Reign

Every Lift, Rep and WOD starts from the ground up. Check all of the boxes in the new UA TriBase Reign training shoe.

Source: Introducing the UA TriBase Reign

There has been a constant refrain on this site about Under Armour and their underutilization of their athletes in niche sports. During their recent Investor’s Day, which fell way short of expectations, the brand introduced the concept of the Focused Performer and that they were shifting gears. In possibly the best shift and imagery the brand has delivered via their own platform UA dropped the Tribase Reign. A shoe with a great name and from the images presented a real focus on performance in the Crossfit area.

TheTribase Reign name – Crossfit is built in communities often referred to as tribes. The use of the prefix Tri also allows for the base of crossfit and all sports: flexibility, strength and endurance. Base is the foundation for the movements. What is most important here is the use of heavy rubber for rope climbs and one of the smartest things to tout a 2mm drop. Crossfit footwear at its core requires almost a barefoot training shoe. What I mean by this is that the shoe has to allow the foot to function naturally, but it has to be strong and sturdy enough to perform during some of the most difficult workouts. What I like about the shoe design is the loe cut heel. Achilles burns are irritating and I don’t want to build up calluses to protect my heels, I want a shoe that is not going to have me waking up in the morning with a cut across the back of my leg from rubbing.

But what I like the most about this presentation of athletes in the photos is that the brand is using a mix or representation in the imagery that captures different racial backgrounds. The company has serious issues with diversity and sexism and it’s important that entering the new year the company is looking to make the correct adjustments. This is only the start and I’ve seen UA start fast out of the blocks only to crumble later in the process of story telling.

The Tribase looks and feels like it is the Focused Performer. I will keep an eye on how the brand follows up there introduction. The niche is where many brands can gain ground, specifically Under Armour. It appears that the brand understands this and they are utilizing the athletes and trying to find their way.


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