OFFICIAL: Australian CrossFit Championship Qualifying Athletes


Qualifiers wrapped up last week for the Australian CrossFit Championship, the third sanctioned event to take place for the 2019 season.

After four workouts, and six scored events in total, the top 32 men, 31 women, and 16 teams from the Qualifier will move on to compete at the Australian CrossFit Championship final January 25 – 27, 2019 at the Gold Coast Exhibition Centre, in Queensland, Australia.

The qualifying female athletes will be joined by the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games Champions Samantha Briggs. Briggs will fill the remaining spot for the 32 person roster after receiving a special invite to compete and bypass the qualifiers.

The Qualifiers

Official invites have been sent out to the qualifying athletes following an official review of video submission. Athletes who decline or do not respond will forfeit their invitation and it will be passed on to the next athlete on the leaderboard.

Here are the top 32 men and 32 women who officially qualified. We will update with final results when we have them.


  1. Jacob Heppner*
  2. James Newbury*
  3. Bayden Brown
  4. Haydn Wolfsbauer
  5. Dean Linder-Leighton*
  6. Zeke Grove*
  7. Luke McMahon
  8. Matt Mcleod
  9. Benjamin Newland
  10. Luke Fiso
  11. Dylan Mitai
  12. Adam Mansy
  13. Jake Standen
  14. Jack Clark
  15. Jacob Wheeler
  16. Jake Tegart
  17. Tremaine Jensen
  18. Timofey Prolubnikov
  19. Jordon Piggott
  20. Zeke Woof
  21. David Wiggin
  22. Raffi Rafael
  23. Rob Watt
  24. Bryce Shearer
  25. James Mclaughlan
  26. Matt Hancock
  27. Shane Ormerod
  28. Jonathan Dunlop
  29. Karl Buchhorn
  30. Callum Ward
  31. Luke De Jonge
  32. Greg Lewis


  1. Hilary Steele
  2. Ashleigh Corby
  3. Laken Watt
  4. Simone Arthur
  5. Carly Menzies
  6. Lindsay Vaughn
  7. Christee Bishop
  8. Madeline Sturt*
  9. Caity Jerrard
  10. Rachel Palmer
  11. Caitlin Danyi
  12. Tiana Fahey-Leigh
  13. Aimee Tawhai
  14. Chelsea Docherty
  15. Emily Townsend
  16. Marni Sykes
  17. Amy Alessi
  18. Kirsten Palmer
  19. Isabelle Gosling
  20. Emma Wright
  21. Courtney Fitzharris
  22. Nicola Borgatti
  23. Hanna Porseland
  24. Meg Cox
  25. Laura Clifton
  26. Renee Novik
  27. Rachel Davis
  28. Kaela Zeitler
  29. Sammy Drescher
  30. Kath Olechowski
  31. Jade Williams
  32. Samantha Briggs**

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