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If someone close to you loves CrossFit, they probably spend a ton of time in the box, lifting, jumping, and running to become the fittest version of themselves. The high-intensity workouts can take as little equipment as a jumprope — but more often than not, CrossFit requires a ton of gear.

You probably won’t be buying full-on squat racks and barbells for Olympic lifts, but there are plenty of great options to choose. Here are the 11 best gifts to help your favorite CrossFitter stay on top of their toughest WODs.


High-Performance Speed Rope

Those double unders aren’t going to do themselves. Skip out on cheap, skimpy jump ropes and give them something they’ll use during every high-intensity WOD.


Rogue Fitness Wrist Wraps


The presses, pushes, and pulls required of a dedicated CrossFitter can put a ton of pressure on the wrist. Lend them some support with these sturdy wraps from Rogue fitness, one of the biggest companies in the space.


JerkFit WODies Full Palm Protection

All those Olympic lifts can be hell on the hands. Protect those palms with these grips from JerkFit, which utilize a three finger hole design for extra support.

NEXUS Smart Sensor


 It sucks to get stuck at a training plateau, but even the most dedicated athletes can find themselves stagnating. Help to prevent that by giving them one of the smartest fitness wearables on the market. NEXUS’ sensor tracks everything about a WOD — from timing splits to the power and cadence of each rep — so you can use the data to take your workouts to the next level.


Mako Short


CrossFit demands a lot of an athlete — so baggy shorts will only slow them down. These streamlined shorts are made to perform with sweat-wicking, four way stretch fabric and a built-in compression liner to keep everything tight.


Tech Crew Tee

Some dudes train without shirts. Cool for them. For everyone else, this sweat-wicking tee is made with odor-blocking Polygeine to make sure no one else suffers from the results of a good workout.

Knee Sleeves

Squats, jerks, cleans, box jumps — that’s a ton of stress on the knees. Give them some extra support with these compression knee sleeves.


Rocktape Rock Guards

If your CrossFitter is deadlifting properly, they probably have some shin scars to show for it. These guards will make it less likely that they’ll finish a WOD bloody — they’re great for rope climbs and box jumps, too.


Dark Iron Fitness Weight Lifting Belt

Dark Iron

Give their midsection some extra support with this cowhide leather lifting belt. Their lower back will that you after squat and deadlift days.


NOBULL Trainer


These versatile trainers have become a staple in boxes thanks to their rugged, simple design. The one-piece upper is made to withstand endless abuse, while the minimal heel-to-toe drop make it acceptable for more serious weightlifting.


Nike Romaleos 3

When it comes time to shut up and lift, these Nike kicks provide the platform and support to get the job done. A mid-lace strap allows you to lock in your fit, and you can even switch out the insoles for soft or firm support.

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